AISA has launched a new website – so this site is no longer active. Log in to for all the latest news and updates from us

Later this year AISA (the Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Association) will be 20 years old and so we thought it about time we gave our web presence a thorough make-over.  

We haven’t changed the address so you can still find us at but you will notice quite a few changes. 

AISA campaigns, supports and represents Arsenal fans on off-field issues that affect your experience and enjoyment and you can find out about the things we do by coming to our meetings and via our website.

You can get up to date information on our future events by visiting the new website and clicking the LATEST NEWS button.

Of course at the moment physical meetings are a bit difficult and so we’ve been using the online world to bring our members a number of ‘zoom’ events including an interview with the sports presenter Mark Pougatch and some Arsenal themed ‘pub quizzes’.

On Monday 20 July AISA will be hosting an online ‘Audience with Brendon Batson’, former Arsenal footballer and deputy chief executive of the PFA (Professional Footballers Association).

This is sort of thing that AISA wants and intends to do more of and the new website represents our desire to reach more Arsenal fans, wherever you are, and to build a stronger community. So we have set it up (with the help of the lovely people at Patch Media) to show what it is that AISA does. 

You can find out about our campaigning work with the club, and our support of charities (such as Bob and Meg Wilson’s Willow Foundation). One of AISA’s key roles is to record (and correct) Arsenal’s history, and you’ll find a timeline and key events in that history, plus links to the AISA Arsenal History site here as well. 

The new website will also be a place for you to be able to buy the books and other things that AISA produces, and you find these in the site’s shop tab. New members can join AISA through the website and later in the year there will be a closed ‘members’ section where we will have details of members’ only news, events and offers.

AISA is run by volunteers and you can ‘meet’ the committee by clicking the ‘about us’ button at the top of the front page. We have a small but active committee that is meeting once a week remotely at the moment. As well as new members we are also open to new committee members so if you think you’d like to get more involved in AISA and have some time available, get in touch.

So, finally, if you are a member have a look at the new site we’ve built and tell us what you think – you can contact us via the site or post a message on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds (all linked from the site of course). If you are not a member then why not join us? 

Come on you Gunners!

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