Quizzing through the lockdown with AISA

Think you know your Arsenal history? Or where our first team comes from? Would you recognize an Arsenal legend by his haircut, or know the connections between players old and new?

Well some AISA members certainly think they do or at least felt brave enough to have a go at our remote pub quizzes in May and June.

Using Zoom AISA has hosted two successful online ‘pub quiz’ evenings with members joining us from as far away as Canada. The beauty of an online quiz is that there’s no need to social distance and you are guaranteed your favourite seat in ‘the pub’ (i.e your living room).

Our quizzes have lasted about 90 minutes (with the occasional injury time!) and throughout our resident DJ has kept us entertained with football songs and musical interludes.

Zoom allows us to ask questions, share pictures and music, and lets people to chat in the message board. Most of all it brings us all together once a fortnight, and in these very challenging times that is priceless.

If you want to join us next time and are an AISA member then keep an eye out for email updates. If you’re not a member, why not join us. Drop us an email at membership@aisa.organd we’ll get back in touch with you.

In the meantime if you fancy having a go at some of the quiz questions here’s a few to be going on with (for the answers scroll down to the bottom of the page – no peeking!)

  1. Which club did Herbert Chapman come from, and what honours, if any, did he win there?
  2. Arsenal Tube Station is used by many of us on match days but what was it called before Herbert Chapman got it renamed ‘ARSENAL’?
  3. Name the Arsenal Captains pictured below and the first trophy each one led the club to. One point for each captain and one point for each trophy





























  1. Huddersfield Town, and he won the league title twice (in 1923–24, and 1924–25).
  2. Gillespie Road
  3. top left – Tom Parker, FA Cup 1930; top right, Tony Adams, League Championship 1989; bottom – Frank McLintock, Inter-Cities Fairs Cup 1970





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